Recommended Links

Whether you are just getting started with exploring the world of astronomy or not, these are the sites we find in our bookmarks.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - A must see every day! - The latest news of space weather phenomena.

Heavens Above - Find out when the International Space Station and other bright satellites will be visible where you live.  Make sure you create your own login.

SOHO - Find the latest images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft studying the Sun.

StarDate Moon Phase Calendar - Use this to determine the phase of the Moon and plan your viewing calendar.  Woodlands Junior School also has a great Moon Calendar

NEW!  ClassAction modules from the Astronomy Education Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Great animations, graphics and more!  Moon phases, stellar evolution, and many more topics.

Want to recommend a great website that can share here?  Leave your comments below.