CY Aqr SkyNet Obs 544328

This is an observation taken Nov. ??, 2011 with ?? scope in the B and V filters.  Only x of y images were actually acquired.  An assortment of plots of these data are given here, in both filters:


*Light curve vs the AAVSO ref star 117 [visual m = 11.7] in B

*Fourier analysis spectral: period 0.061 is best; 0.062 and 0.060 are worse fits to folded light curve.  All three are included as examples.

*Folded light curve on period = 0.061 days.

*Also given is the light curve for refstar 149 wrt refstar 117.  This is included to verify that the exposures are reasonable relieable.


**Same files for V filter


**Above curves for the CCD AAVSO magnitudes rather than the "by eye" analysis.