HV 823 per H. Leavitt

Leavitt's 1912 article gives magnitude 12.2 to 14.1 with period 31.9 days.


[12-29-2011]  See ppt for HV 823.  Extension of light curve of 12-22-2011.


[12-22-2011]  Our first light curve for HV 823 covers ~20 days of the 32 days period for this star.  The curve is added below.  The four "ref" stars that we chose are shown in this screen dump of an appropriate image.


We have images from SkyNet/PROMPT for this star and have submitted an observation request for a sequence of images for HV 823.  SIMBAD gives a field for this star that we show below along with one of our HV 823 images.  PROMPT is aiming very well with these stars and the target star is nearly centered within the image.