CY-Aqr-SkyNet 544924

CY-Aqr obsrvation taken with PROMPT.  This is the best series taken to date [11-11-2011].  Description to be edited later.  Series of ~16 images in each of B and V filters, that cover ~ 1.5 times nominal period of 90 minutes. 


These files are attached below for the B filter: [V filter observations to follow as time permits.]

Raw light curve wrt ref star 117;Fourier analysis that give Period ~0.062 days

"Folded" light curves for T = 0.062 per our observation and for T = 0.061 days, which is the accepted value.

to do:  I need to add description of each of the images below.  Re-learn how to do this.  Need to get to "add file" rather than "attach a file."