Variable Star CY Aqr

This star is a perfectly good target, visible from both south and north.  By off-setting the RA of the observation request one can get the reference star 117 in the fov.  Oneo f the images below has the fov with PROMPT with the AAVSO visual refeence star field.  This is a great star to work with!  Its period is only ~ 90 minutes and it has a "cute" erractic behaviour near min magnitude!

BEWARE: One has to exert care in looking at these images.  The orientation of the field will be difference from Southern Hemisphere [PROMPT] and Northern Hemisphere observatories.  Also the images will be flipped depending on the side of the meridian the target is located. So there could be at lest 4 orientations of which to be aware!

Two images [nearly consecutive 005 and 007] from PROMPT for SkyNet observation #541296 are given below as examples.