SS Cyg Y41 Observation 545288

This is an observation of 48 images for Universe Live of 11-11-2011.  The sequences is three consecutive sets with

Lum 2-10-20-40 sec exposures;

Red [2-10-20-40]; Green [2-10-20-40]; and Blue [2-10-20-40]


SS Cyg is recovering from outburst.  This star varies ~4 magnitudes in unpredictabley short periods, so is a challenge to expose.

Our goal for this star is not just to acquire light curves, or even light curves in different filters, but rather to determine how the stars color-magnitude varies; also its color-coilor variation as a function of outburst occurrence and recovery.  Vivian is acquiring a wonderful data base from her Y24 observations over th edecade as well as an abundance of iamges from the SKyNet system over the past several months and now with her newly acquired access to Y41.  Within the last week [today is 11-12-2011]she acquired her first images with Y41 of SS Cyg in outburst. 

[NOTE: Analysis of all of this data is presently overwhelming, but will eventually occur.  Advice is solicited and help is welcome as we get more organized.  There will likely be a few misadventures and false leads.  AFTERGLOW is a wonderful tool to use.  We are also developing spreadsheet software to analyze the csv files that AFTERGLOW produces.  Also checks or other analysis of images with HOU, SUBARU, APT, ds9 etc is in the works.]


We will add a few files from preliminary analysis of 545288.

The first is just a "mess" from the Afterglow Batch Photometry.  Alignment was on the AAVSO reference stars [visual] 109.

Then for all exposures of all filters wrt ref star 98.

Then a series of light curves for all exposures in green filter [arbitrary choice] wrt ref star 98.

Finally three light curves comparing ref stars 109, 121 and 134 wrt ref star 98, in the green filter [arbitrary choice] only.