Variable Stars [with telescopes/SkyNet]

Notes Start-Nov. 29, 2011:

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Feb. 14, 2014:  Uploaded VX Hya ppt.  See bottom of this page to access the power point.

[Jan. 30, 2014]  Upload Workshop ppt below.

[Nov. 15, 2013]  Upload version9 of CS-AAPT talk for Nov. 16, 2013: or 

[Aug. 6, 2013]  Presentation on HV 1436 and HV 1446 uploaded.

[August 3, 2013]  The Leavitt Cepheid project is ongoing.  We are developing new light curves and other analysis and deleting some of the older, incomplete material.  HV 1492 and its companion HV 827 will be our first new material.

[July 20, 2013]  We finally found RA and Dec for all 25 of Leavitt's Cepheids of 1912 paper.  See sub-page Miss Leavitt's Stars [Guide to Leavitt's 25 Cepheids].  We are preparing a summary document for these stars.  Also a complete sequence for the Delta Scuti variable CY Aqr were obtained in V and B by GORT.  Its light curve etc will be forthcoming.  See sub-page Delta Scuti V S.

[June 27, 2013]  New light curves for BZ Tuc, including ASAS J004045-7343.00, were placed in the BZ Tuc subpage within Miss Leavitt's Cepheids.

[June 26, 2013]  New materials for HV 1492 including properly referenced ref star from APASS were placed in HV 1492 new sub-page.

12-30: Here is url of AAVSO page on Henrietta Leavitt: [see below LINK: H Leavitt]

[Dec. 27-28, 2012: Work on SN2012hr per AAVSO request for observations. Old 1492 work will be retired and entirely replaced with my current understanding using APASS reference stars.]   

 [Sept. 10, 2012:see Subpage below on GRB 120909A.]

    [Sept. 9, 2012:  More extensive light curves for Leavitt's cepheids are being prepared.  The APASS program of AAVSO is providing us with a large number of reference stars to utilize!]

    [June 17: added ppt on CY Aqr, a delta scuti type variable; light curves and B-V discussion.]

    [June 9-15, 2011: A series of 4 ppts with light curves for SS Cyg in B, V and an analysis of B-V was added in "Variable Star SS Cyg" subpage: for Skynet [GORT] image request 502880]


    [May 26, 2012]  Document showing early results for search for unknown variables in our Leavitt Cepheids images.  PPT is within the Miss Leavitt's Stars directory.


    [April 28, 2012]  A talk was presented today at CS-AAPT on Miss Leavitt's Cepheids.  The ppt is found below.


    [Jan. 17, 2012] - We have our first properly referenced light curve for one of Leavitt's stars, HV 822.  Elizabeth Ramseyer discovered how to find the star chart for these stars by using the ASAS identification as the identifier in AAVSO, rather than any of the aka's in the SIMBAD information.  We will profile this light curve at the upcoming Stars at Yerkes Workshop on January 21.

   We are currently spending the bulk of our effort on H. Leavitt's Cepheids, taking images with the PROMPT scopes, which can image SMC.  Also Y41 continues to accumulate a good series of images of a variety of interesting Cepheids such as X Cyg, SZ Cyg and others in the Cygnus area so that good focus can be achieved and maintained.  Obtaining images of M31 V1, Hubble's famous V1 in Andromeda, is also in the works.

    Niles West Astronomy [& nwvso] is working on light curves for assorted variables [Miras, Delta Scutis and Cepheids] and those results will also be shared with this page as they become availabe and are appropriate.

    We are also working to develop "H-R" type diagrams [magnitude-color] for these vaiables and see where they fit on standard H-R Diagrams and how their location may change with phase of the variation.  To this end, we are also studying "H-R" diagrams for some open clusters [e.g., M103]to improve our understanding of how well our efforts replicate known, published, "H-R" diagrams.

H Leavitt - from AAVSO, 2012