SS Cyg: Y41 Obs 543456

This is an ongoing long sequence of SS Cyg that began 2011-07-14 at 06:18:32 UT. 

The filter sequence is rather long: Triplet sets of Lum, Red, Green and Blue at 2-10-20-40 sec.  Thus each date consists of 3 X [4 X 4] = 48 images.  As of today [11-07-2011] we have 1318 images [roughly 27 dates].  Analysis will be forthcoming with Afterglow.  The goals are [A] To produce light curves in each filter's wavelength and [B] To study the color change as this cataclymis variable goes into rapid outburst and then more slowly recovers.  Rich DeCoster

11-08-2011: Added two images of SS Cyg at Red and Blue filter from Y41-Vivian Hoette.  Note that the relative intensity with SS Cyg in this non-outburst mode does not vary much with color.  We will add images inoutburst mode and see that this result is not the case with SS Cyg in outburst!  This distinction and how it develops throughout the outburst is what we are working on.