Drawing the System From a Different Perspective

In the images you have analyzed you are looking at Jupiter and its moons from the side. Luckily, there is a slight tilt of Jupiter and its moons to our line of site or it would be very difficult to see the the orbits clearly. In this activity, we are going to use the information from our images to draw a model of Jupiter and its moons as though we were looking down on the orbits instead of from the side.

Make a Prediction

In a paint program or on a piece of paper, make a drawing of what your combined image would look like if you were looking down on it. Save this drawing.

Constructing a New Picture

Have a protractor and compass handy before you begin.

You can follow the same steps for the two remaining moons. You may want each on their own sheet so that your work is a little easier to use in the next activity.