February 2013  Dawn of the North - Registration Open!

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Dawn of the North: Space Weather, The Sun, and Aurora - Yerkes Teacher Workshop - Saturday February 23, 2013

Ever wonder about how the Aurora are created and when you can see them? Did you know that there is weather in space? And, what wonders lay beneath the surface of the sun? Join us on Saturday, February 23, 2013 for the next Stars at Yerkes teacher workshop - Dawn of the North:  Space Weather, The Sun, and Aurora. This workshop will help you to better understand the strong connection between the Sun, Earth, and the Aurora (with a little stellar evolution thrown in too). We will look at the aurora and explain how they are formed due to the processes that occur on the sun and through space weather. Hear about the new IRIS (Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph) spacecraft and get your middle or high school students involved in the NASA ‘Tracking a Solar Storm’ project. We will explore the sun, its activity at various layers safely, with al of our modern ground based and NASA space based technologies.  Participants will also learn about the space weather predictors used by scientists and what websites and Apps they can go to for aurora prediction. An aurora demonstration will also be provided As an extra bonus, we will share NEWLY DEVELOPED star cards, H-R diagram, and stellar evolution classroom activity that will make you a star in your classroom. BRING your laptop, mobile device, and/or tablet! Registration includes CPDUs and lunch. Register for this workshop now!  Click here for registration form.

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Dawn of the North Website        This is a tutorial about how the aurora are created from energy from the Sun.  (grades 9-12)


 Educational Materials and Activities for Middle and High Students


Geophysical Institute Aurora Forecast


Graphing Sunspots Activity - This activity has been archived and the orginal website gone. But you can still access it from the Wayback Machine.  On this link there are several sun spot activities for all grade levels.  The one you want fhat we did at Yerkes is called "Graphing Sunspots" (Grades 9-12)


IRIS Challenge Home


IIRIS Solar Storm Teacher Guide                              


ISS AURORA VIDEOS - This is the entire video collection of aurora videos taken from the ISS and Shuttle by astronaut crews


NASA Space Weather Action Center                


NASA Space Weather Action Center Data


NASA Space Weather Media Viewer


NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center


SOHO Space Weather


Space Weather Center - Current Space Weather Conditions - One stop shopping for links to many space weather predictor website.


Space Weather


Sun Song - Video - YouTube

Classic - for younger students


Nasa version - contains more detailed information


The Magnetic Sun - Tutorial describing: What is Magnetic Fied - Magnetic Field Lines - Magnetic Field on Sun - Magnetic Loops on Sun's Corona - Sun's Changing Magnetic Field


What Causes Aurora (YouTube) - Excellent Explaination from Sun to Earth


Television in the Sky                  An Aurora and Cathode Ray Tube Analogy for how aurora are created.  (grades 9-12)


Water on Sun - Stanford news release


Within Two Worlds (video) - Excellent mixed still and video images, including aurora


Planetary Aurora Resources

Earth Aurora (Video) Astronomy Picture of the Day


Earth Aurora with Constellations Labeled (Astronomy Picture of the Day)


Bad Astronomy - Pink Aurora as described in link above.... nice explanation


Jupiter Aurora - Hubble Video clips


Mars Aurora (no video)


Saturn Aurora Related to Earth - Video


Saturn Aurora Explaination with new video clip


Uranus Aurora (no video) - Hubble image


Uranus Aurora (no video) - Newer Hubble image


Venus Aurora (no video) - Space.com


Mobile device with any of the following free apps:

Ideum: NASA Space Weather Media Viewer (Sun Viewer)

NASA: NASA Space Weather (NASA SWx)

NASA Heliophysics Division: 3D Sun

ASTRA: Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

SELab Inc: SWx Monitor (SWx)

Astra: Space Weather (SWA)

Tinac Inc: Aurora Forecast (Aurora Fcst)

iTunes only:

Concentric Sky: Astronomy Picture of the Day  (APOD)

Utah State University USTAR: Space Weather

Note:   There were a few files from the workshop that are just too big to be downloaded onto this page.  If you would like any of those files, please contact Lynne Zielinski at lzielinski at comcast.net