Variable Star:  SS Cyg

SS Cyg is a cataclysmic variable that Vivian Hoette has followed for several decades.  We have continued acquiring images of this amazing star over the past several years with SkyNet telescopes, the Yerkes 41 inch [which is now part of SkyNet], and most recently with a new series of images with the Yerkes 24 inch reflector.  The new SBIG camera has four times the solid angle [fov] as the previous camera-this new capability makes for even more intriging images and makes it easier, and faster, to locate objects.  One such image is attached below.  This page will feature our ongoing work with this star and its peregrinations

[June 11-15-2012]  Light curves of SS Cyg wrt AAVSO in B filter as V-filter below.  B at 20s s only.  Four PPTs B-V analysis for all 'non-flipped" images from Skynet 502880..

[June 09-2012: SS Cyg: AAVSO calibrated  light curve in V-filter, Skynet 502880, with GORT-V at 4 and 20 seconds; image 475-639-to end.  PPT within 502880 sub-page gives information.]

An uncalibrated light curve is shown in the image a-sscyg-...-lightcurve.jpg!


[12-26-2011]  I have attached a ppt that presents the present state of analysis of SkyNet request 502880 from the GORT telescope, in the B and V filters.  The ppt below is for the B filter only as of this date.