Build Your Own

Information about programing in python with the arduino and in javascript is on this page as well as information about using the Yerkes FabLab.


The Arduino is a simple programmable minicomputer. It allows you to make intelligent circuits. All information about the Arduino can be found at the Arduino Website

Where to Start?

Where to find Help? The main arduino site has a Frequently Asked Questions page that covers most problems. Since Arduino is non-commercial and open source, volunteers have put lots of information online (just google your problem). You can always ask Marc at Yerkes (berthoud at if you can't find the answer to a problem. Also contact him if you have feedback or ideas for this site.

Where to purchase parts? Most general electronics stores such as Radio Shack will have the basic LEDs and resistors. There is a larger (and cheaper) selection online. Examples of such stores are and


The python programming language is one of the simplest yet most powerful programming languages.

Where to Start?


Javascript allows you to develop web applications that can be used with any web device (computer, tablet or cellphone).

We have a short tutorial files with examples under


The Yerkes Fablab allows visitors to develop and build their own devices and objects.