S@Y SOFIA AAAs to Fly This Week!

Post date: May 04, 2014 10:45:35 PM

Stars at Yerkes SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Lynne Zielinski and Marcella Linahan, along with Yerkes very own Vivian Hoette will be flying this week!  If you want to follow their flights on Monday and Wednesday nights, use these links:

May 5    http://www.sofia.usra.edu/Science/proposals/cycle2/FlightPlansOC2D4.html

May 7    http://www.sofia.usra.edu/Science/proposals/cycle2/FlightPlansOC2D6.html

SOFIA flights also can be tracked via Flight Aware http://flightaware.com/ and tail number NASA747 http://flightaware.com/live/flight/NASA747

PLEASE NOTE: the schedule can change.  Good luck and clear skies!!!

Flight plan for Monday May 5:

Flight plan for Wednesday, May 7