SS Cyg: Y41 Observation 543587

SkyNet observation 543587 of SS Cyg with Y41 was a short sequence with SS Cyg in outburst mode. 

Time: 2011-11-06 from 00:07:51 to 00:19:48 UT.

Filter Sequence:  Lum: 3 for 4 sec then 10-20-40 s exposures

Then Red 4-10-20-40 s; Green 4-10-20-40 s; Blue 4-10-20-40 s.

The png light curves [below] are confusing as the time sequence starts in negative territory?  This is under investigation.  Basically, SS  Cyg in outburst is greatly overexposed, except for the 4 s exposures, saturing the chips.  So as we go to longer exposures, we get proprtionately more counts from the dimmer stars, but less than proportionately counts for SS Cyg itself.  Thus, its magnitude appears to decrease. So we need to be selective about which images we use to make a usable light curve. [rjd-11-08-2100]

The analysis was performed by Afterglow after the data set was aligned on the 109 ref star.