HV 1492-old

HV 1492 is one of H. Leavitt's 25 Cepheids in her 1912 paper.  She reports a range of magnitude 13.8 to 14.8 with a period of 6.29 days.  Images taken with SkyNet/PROMPT are added below.  The star is readily located from the finder field given from SIMBAD [image below]. 

See entirely new folder.  This is being retained for the time being. 12-29-2012.

[12-29-2012]  Re-engage this variable.  I am relearning how to find an acceptable reference star.  Relearn using VSX; relearn SIMBAD; relearn APASS.  In progress.  Have a new set of images, in progress, from Skynet.  There are many sets of images from Skynet between Jan. 2012 and June, 2012 to be analyzed. The files below are QUITE old and need to be replaced with the newly accessible work from APASS.


[12-06-2011] We have nearly a complete period of images for this variable.  Its light curve and Foruier analysis is attached.  The SkyNet request #549568 is ongoiong for a few more days!


[12-03-2011]  We have had success in obtaining a sequence of images from SkyNet.  Our first light curve for one of Leavitt's SMC Cepheids [~4 days of the 6.3 day period] is attached below.  [12-04-2011] Subsequent light curve in the R filter.


We have made requests for a series of images of this star n order to obtain its light curve for use in class at Niles West and for use in workshops at Stars @ Yerkes in January and April, 2012 and possibly December, 2011.