Active Astronomy - A Multi-Sensory Approach

Post date: Jul 23, 2011 9:32:21 PM

Active Astronomy – A Multi-Sensory Approach  (leads you to this webpage)

Active Astronomy Resources from SOFIA

SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) Education and Outreach

Active Astronomy


Tracing Invisible Rays Optics Lab 

Setups for Blind, or Deaf students; each appropriate for sighted and hearing students.

The PDFs Active Astronomy Multi-sensory Approach, and the Tracing Invisible Rays Components and Parts List explain this activity and give instructions for creating the lab. 

Tactile Graphics

Swellform Universe Series by Masa Nakamura: Zodiac Constellations, Exciting Planets, and Solar Family (Japanese text; English and Braille for Tactiles) Image of the sun by Masa.

You Can Do Astronomy (Noreen Grice)

Read an inspiring article by Chelsea Cook entitled "Bitten By the Space Bug"  here:

(article published in the Braille Monitor - January 2013)

Multi-Sensory Approach to Search for Young Stellar Objects in CG4Abstract: Abstract

Poster:  This poster emphasizes the approaches used to involve deaf students and blind students in the search for young stellar objects.  

Our picture on the top middle of page 12, in the AAS Newsletter 

Searching for Young Stellar Objects in CG4  (The Science Research)



Journal Publication: Rebull, L., et all, New Young Star Candidates in CG4 and Sa101. 2011, AJ, (arXiv 1105, 1180)

See attachments below for documents and Active Astronomy lessons.