i-CAN Constellation Cameras

Projects from the Tokyo Science Museum

i-CAN Network These remotely operated wide-field constellation cameras are located around the globe to provide opportunities to observe and image the night sky at six different locations.i-CAN Home Page  Start here to learn about the i-CAN sites and operation of i-CAN camerasInternational Time Zone Converter  What time is it?  Find out in any time zone.Fixed Time Clock    Planning an i-Can Session?  Just enter the date, time and your location.  The tool calculates the time at over 150 locations world-wideTokyo Time Weather Sun and Moon  Everything you need to know about viewing conditions in TokyoSun Moon and Weather Anywhere  Start here to generate information about the weather, sun rise/set times, moon rise/set times for major cities

See What i-CAN Can Do  Images from Yerkes Observatory, Wisconsin, US, i-CAN site