Stars at Yerkes Teachers Fly on SOFIA Once More

Post date: Apr 04, 2013 3:53:38 PM

Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors (from left) Constance Gartner, Vince Washington, Ira Harden and Chelen Johnson at the educators' work station aboard the SOFIA observatry during a flight on the night of February 12-13, 2013. How excited we are for our colleagues Connie Gartner and Chelen Johnson!  You can read about these amazing educators in these articles:Educator Teams Fly on NASA'S SOFIA Airborne ObservatoryNASA Reaches Out to Deaf, Hard of Hearing StudentsBreck Teacher's NASA Experience "Dream Come True"UW-Madison Alumna Set for Research Flight Aboard NASA ObservatoryAboard SOFIA, NASA's Flying Observatory (closed captioned)NASA Official Press Release- Photo Credit: NASA / ASP / N. Veronico