HV 822

Leavitt gives magnitude range 13.0 to 14.6 wiath a period of 16.75. days.

We need to upload our compare chart from SIMBAD.


[12-27-2011]  I have attached a ppt for HV 822 with a light curve for ~5 days of its ~16 day period.  This is from the reqeust #551295, allin the V filter.


[12-19-2011]  We have just completed a SkyNet reqeust for this variables, with images requested every 12 hours.  We have two image sets that span 11-27 to 12/19/2011.  There at 20 and 70 images.  We will produce light curves for these data by 12/28 or so.  We have a new request that begins 12/20 for filters B, V, R, I every 12 hours and will monitor that images request closely.]