Delta Scuti Variable Stars

We are curretnly studying two High-Amplitude Delta Scuti [HADS] type variables.  These are XX Cyg and CY Aqr.  The later has a period of about 90 minutes and is visible from SkyNet telescopes in both northern and southern hemispheres.  XX Cyg is pretty far north within Cygnus, which has the advantage that it is visible for long periods of time to telescopes at Yerkes Obseravtory, for example.  If it is clear on Thusday, Nov. 10, [It was not.] we will take obserations with the Yerkes 24-inch telescope of both of these variables.  Currently [11-09-2011], we have SkyNet requests in for CY Aqr, moving from east to west, from Dolomiti, Prompt4/5 and GORT. [This also did not work well-few images were acquired..]


One reason to study HADS is because they have amplitude variations of ~1 mag over a period of several hours.  Also it may be that the variable star we discovered with Spitzer, namely our NITARP-V1 variable, is a low amplitude Delta Scuti.

Below are two images of CY Aqr from SkyNet, with the AAVSO ref stars.  The fov is ~11' X 11'.  The seond image is flipped from the first.

Light curves from SkyNet/Afterflow to follow as time permits.