i-CAN Constellation Cameras

Projects from the Tokyo Science Museum

i-CAN Network These remotely operated wide-field constellation cameras are located around the globe to provide opportunities to observe and image the night sky at six different locations.

i-CAN Home Page  Start here to learn about the i-CAN sites and operation of i-CAN cameras

International Time Zone Converter  What time is it?  Find out in any time zone.

Fixed Time Clock    Planning an i-Can Session?  Just enter the date, time and your location.  The tool calculates the time at over 150 locations world-wide

Tokyo Time Weather Sun and Moon  Everything you need to know about viewing conditions in Tokyo

Sun Moon and Weather Anywhere  Start here to generate information about the weather, sun rise/set times, moon rise/set times for major cities

See What i-CAN Can Do  Images from Yerkes Observatory, Wisconsin, US, i-CAN site